A fun, exciting resort in the heart of the snowy mountains

Director of Ardalan Savji Ski School, referring to the activities of the Snow Park in Tochal sports complex; He said: Snowpark is one of the exciting winter activities.

According to the public relations report of Tochal Sports Complex, Abbas Ilyasi, director of Shahid Ardalan Savji Ski School, referring to the opening of the Snow Park at the Tochal Ski Resort, said: Snowpark is one of the branches of skiing and freestyle, which provides the possibility of exciting winter fun for everyone. he does.
He stated: The snow park or snow park has provided the possibility of jumping on an inflatable mattress, snowball, tube riding and other winter activities and entertainment in the resort.

Eliyasi said: Fortunately, with the company of Mr. Engineer Emdad, CEO of Tochal Sports Complex, the snow park track has been opened for enthusiasts and is ready to receive athletes safely.

Pointing out that Tochal ski resort is located at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, he added: The gentle slope and wide width are the unique features of this ski resort, which is a good advantage for teaching ski techniques to beginners.

The director of Tochal Ski School said: Tochal Ski Resort is the closest ski resort to the capital in the world, which, despite its mountain hotel, provides the possibility of providing more recreational and welfare services for tourists and athletes.

He continued: The length of the ski route from the peak station to the hotel is about two kilometers, which reaches 1000 meters in the short track, that is, from the ski school to the hotel.

Eliasi said: Some athletes are interested in skiing on unbeaten snow and powder, which is also possible in the Ahar Shekarab range.

In the end, inviting athletes and tourists to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Tochal mountains, he said: There are two ski lift machines in the Tochal sports complex, which is another attraction of this track.