Congratulatory message from the CEO of Tochal Sports Complex on the occasion of International Labor Day

عکس خبر

In a message on the occasion of Labor Day, engineer Ruhollah Emdad, the CEO of Tochal Sports Complex, said: Today, workers are playing their role in the best way to realize the slogan “Production Leap; with the participation of the people.
According to the public relations report of Tochal Sports Complex, the text of this message is as follows: The first day of May is named as “Worker’s Day” all over the world, and without a doubt, the vitality and prosperity of societies from a long time ago is due to the hard work and efforts of those who turn the wheel of production and economy of the country with their powerful arms.
In the current sensitive situation, when the dynamics of production and flourishing of the national economy is involved in the sanctions and conspiracies of the enemies, Fahim labor society is trying with unique will and more optimistic than ever, to continue the proud path of the past and play its role in the best way in the way of realizing the slogan of “Leap”. Production; with the participation of the people.
The diligent and hardworking workers of Tochal sports entertainment complex, along with the expert and committed engineers of this complex, were able to renovate and renovate all the cabins and cable car lines of Tochal by relying on their internal power and under the oppressive conditions of the boycott, and as the driving wheel of the industry, development and progress, they stood up against the cruel pressures of the enemies and added another golden leaf to the honors of Islamic Iran.
On the arrival of Labor Day, I would like to congratulate all the workers in the field of work and production and the drivers of the country’s economy and industry, and from the Almighty God, I wish happiness, health and pride to all my loved ones in the path of development and all-round progress of our dear country, especially my colleagues in the entertainment complex. I want sports resort.

Ruhollah Emdad , managing director of Tochal resort sports complex