for the first time; Tochal International Track hosts a first-class alpine skiing coaching class

First-class alpine skiing coaching class is being held for the first time at Tochal International Ski Resort.

According to the public relations report of Tochal sports complex, first-class alpine skiing coaching class was held for the first time at Tochal international ski resort from April 18 to 25, with the presence of 40 prominent coaches of Iran.

These classes were held under the supervision of Mr. Ivan Krasti, a well-known ski instructor from Bulgaria, for eight days.

Also, the alpine skiing classes will start from tomorrow (April 27 to May 2) at Tochal International Track under the supervision of Ivan Grincheski, a member of the World Ski Coaches Association ISIA from Bulgaria.

Abbas Nazarian, the president of Skiing and Winter Sports Federation, also visited this course, which was held with the presence of all the instructors of the Federation.

It should be mentioned that one of the most popular and popular pastimes in Tehran is skiing at Tochal International Track. The rink of this area hosts sports lovers all winter days with modern and advanced equipment.