Tochal Hotel is one of the highest hotels in the world / summer; The resort’s seasonal lake comes alive

The manager of Tochal sports resort hotel, referring to the capacities of this hotel, said: in the summer season; The resort’s seasonal lake comes to life, which is one of the attractions of the region.

Abbas Shafiei, manager of Tochal Sports Complex, said: Tochal Hotel is one of the highest hotels in the world, located at an altitude of 3545 meters above sea level, and hosts a large number of athletes and tourists every year.


Referring to the accommodation capacity of this hotel, she stated: This hotel has 30 rooms that can accommodate 70 people, and fortunately, due to the special weather conditions of the hotel, we have received many domestic and foreign guests.

Referring to the fact that this hotel is covered with snow for eight months of the year, Shafi’i said: The resort’s international ski resort, night ski resort, coffee shop, and restaurant are among the other parts of this hotel.


The manager of Tochal sports resort hotel continued: The way to connect to this hotel is through the cable car and the resort cable car, which takes about 45 minutes from the first station to the seventh station.

Pointing to the attractiveness of the cable car route to the resort hotel, she added: The temperature difference that guests and tourists experience in this hotel is approximately between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Shafi’i said: In the summer season, in addition to the unique coolness that guests experience, they can also enjoy the seasonal lake that boils next to the hotel.


She explained the conditions for accepting guests as follows: We have a resident doctor in the hotel 24 hours a day, and before accepting guests, tourists and athletes, they are given a health test and then they are allowed to stay.

The manager of Tochal Sports Complex Hotel said: Mountaineers and dear athletes usually choose this area for the issue of air conditioning and adaptation to mountain conditions and climbing to the heights.


He went on to say that today the economic driving force depends on the growth of the tourism industry and added: Hotel management is one of the most important factors that can develop and improve the country’s tourism industry, so in this regard, we have tried to provide the best facilities for our dear guests. to provide

In the end, Shafi’i invited those who are interested in the mountain and overnight stay in it, as well as skiing, to use this hotel to record their beautiful memories. (Hotel Tochal online booking link)