Wooden Cottage, the coziest accommodation spot in Tochal

Tochal Wooden Cottage is a cozy spot nestled in the heart of the mountains, offering a tranquil retreat with unparalleled views of the mountains and the city. Tochal wooden hut is a different kind of accommodation which is prepared with the same traditional and mountain style. This cottage is similar to the ecotourism lodges, but it is supported by the facilities and management of the resort hotel. The wooden cabin is located on a road with private access and just above the health resort road, which can host a memorable family stay in the heart of the mountains.

The wooden hut with an area of about 70 meters has 2 bedrooms, toilet, bathroom, living room and kitchen. This cottage can host 4 people easily. According to the rules of the hoteliers’ union, it is mandatory to provide proof of confidentiality. To book a stay in a wooden hut, you can refer to the hotel reservation menu on the resort website.

Beautiful pictures of Tochal wooden hut

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