Tennis court reservation

The tennis courts in Tochal, with their mountainous surroundings, have created unique conditions for enjoying this extraordinary game.

Tennis is one of the sports that can be played in pairs or individually. This popular sport, which has many fans in different age groups, is played with a racket and a round ball. According to the skills they have learned, the athletes must hit the ball from the field net into the opponent’s field in such a way that the person cannot return it to your field, eventually this person loses and you win the game.
For this game, you can choose grass, empty, indoor or soldier fields according to your interest. Tochal Reserv sports and entertainment complex provides various tennis courts to the visitors.


Until further notice, online reservation for tennis courts is inactive. For more information and reservations, please contact us at +982122421404.

Important Information

1. Possibility of Renting Tennis Balls and Rackets On-Site at the Tennis Club

2. The duration of each session for renting a tennis court is 50 minutes.

3. For family court reservations, presenting identification documents is necessary.


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