Tochal ski resort, the nearest ski resort to tehran

The resort has the closest ski resort to the capital in the world. Tochal Ski School is ready to provide all beginner and professional training. Resort cable car sports complex has 5 international ski slopes with recreational, educational and speed use.

Tochal ski resort is the closest ski resort to the capital in the world. Right now, you can easily travel to Tehran and reach Tochal ski resort with easy and immediate access. The resort is the only ski resort in the country that has received a standard certificate since 1993. Buy a ski ticket from the store page.

Beautiful pictures of the ski resort

Other attractions of the resort



At the height of the excitement of the sled, you can see the whole of Tehran in front of your eyes.


Tochal Hotel

Travel to the highest hotel in the world with the longest cable car in the world!


BAM e Tehran

Tochal is the highest point of the city. where you can watch Tehran with all its beauty.


health road

The 2 km long health road connects the entrance parking area to the roof of Tehran.