Mountain Coaster

mountain coaster - سورتمه



Tochal recreational and sport complex, with the high potential of attraction of the families and young men, has proceeded to study on and install a modern recreational device in Baam-e-Tehran. After conducting feasibility studies, Tochal Telecabin Company proceeded to operate this device and Wiegand Company of Germany implemented this great project. In consideration of the special design, and contrivance of attractive locations for the passengers, this devise is identified as one of the most exiting sleds of our country. On this basis, after installing and setting the devise into operation, in consideration of the carful supervision of the experts of Iranian National Standards Organization, this project succeeded to obtain TUV standard of Germany which is one of the reputable standards of Europe. Therefore this is a high safety level that people at any age specially young generation and families can experience at Bam E Tehran.

The specification of the most exciting sled of the country, i.e. Tochal sled is as follow:




speed (m/s)

Length of line (m)


250 passengers