What is Escape Room?


A unique experience similar to what you’ve seen in movies or video games, but this time in reality; You and your friends or family are accepting an impressive challenge. Intelligence, the focus of your senses, your physical abilities, your general information, creativity and more of your abilities are challenged in a different and fateful situation. This game looks quite simple; You and your team are supposed to solve the mysteries and get out of the room in 60 minutes. Escape Cube was first performed in Japan in 2007 and now is a well-known entertainment all over the world. It’s needed to say that the game is performed in more than 60 countries in over the last 2 years. 






If you’re interested in Sherlock Holmes character or this kind of stories, now is the time for you to be what you fancy. An unsolved case of murder in a birthday party. Don’t forget that this time, you can’t go on by watching or reading. Open your eyes and ears quite well!





Full receieved from one of the most famous horror games on Play station, Silent Hill P.T. Game ...And That's all you need to know





World War 2 in of the nazi prisons in Berlin, no matter which side's going to win, there is only one way out for you and your cellmates, death!




·         Try arriving to the Escape-Cube 15 minutes earlier; if not, there’s not going to be any added time to your game.

·         For a good experience, manage a 1 hour & 30 minutes of your time schedule.

·         The ideal number of participants for each scenario is shown in the details; although you can be more or less than this number according to what it says at the reservation point.

·         Any electrical device is forbidden in the zone. If you are carrying any (such as phone, camera, smart watch and..) give it to the person in charge.

·         Adding to the participants (up to the ceiling defined for each zone) after completing the online booking is possible by paying in the place.

·         Please observe the Islamic regulations during the game.

·         After paying online and completing the process the payment is not refundable.