Tochal Ski Resort


This slope starts from the foot of Tochal peak (at 3,850m) and ends at the hotel. (3.550.m).


The slope is 1,200 meters and considering the persence of experienced instructors and its very suitable steep of slopes , it is an exhilarating place for those who like Ski.


There are a telesiege ( Doppelmayr ) and a teleski improvised for the ease of transferring dear skiers.


Because of the height of ski slope in station 7 (more than 3,500 meters above sea level) , the slopes are covered with snow for more than eight months a year.


It is the first snow-covered ski run of the country.

The advantages of Tochal Ski resort :

- Its closeness to city downtown

- The secured route of move to ski resort.

- The possibility of using beautiful and equipped Tochal hotel

- The possibility of obtaining the best ski equipments from Tochal ski club

- With 3 Lines of telesige and 1 line of telelski

- The best and the most experienced ski instructors

- Information and general superintendence over Tochal Services telelphone system : 24875000